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Food Menus

Below Price is included with VAT and Service charge


Sweet Corn Soup --------- (Rs. 550)

(Coarsely Chopped Corn in Creamy Style)

Minestrone Soup ----- (Rs. 550)

(The Italian Origins of Minestrone)

Cream of Mushroom Soup ----- (Rs. 550)

(Fresh Bottom Mushroom Sautéed with Herbs & Pureed)

Hot & Sour Soup (Veg & Non Veg) ----- (Rs. 450/550)

(Delicious Chinese Broth with Vegetables/Chicken)

Tum Yum Soup (Chicken) ----- (Rs. 700)

(Thai Soup Flavored with Lemongrass & Galangal)

Cream of Chicken soup ----- (Rs. 550)


Seasonal Fresh Fruits Salad ----- (Rs. 775)

(Different Seasonally Available Fresh Fruits Cuts)

Caesar Salad ------ (Rs. 650)

(Romaine Lettuce and Crotons dressed with lemon juice, Olive oil,Egg)

Drishya Special Salad ------ (Rs. 850)

(Lettuce Topped With Bacon, Cheese, Chicken, Boiled Egg, Tomato & Chef’s dressing)

Mexican Style Corn Salad ----- (Rs. 475)

(Sweet Corn Toss With Freshly Chopped Herbs, Spies & Lemon)

Nepali Salad -------- (Rs. 450)

(Local Crudities served With Spicy Chutney)

NON Veg Snacks

Chicken Wings -------- (Rs. 850)

(Marinated Chicken Wings Served In Different Style)
(Chinese Spicy, Locally Poleko & American Hot Buffalo Sauce)

Spicy Grilled Pork -------- (Rs. 925)

(Pan Grilled Pork With Spicy Marination)

Timur Chicken -------- (Rs. 825)

(Deep Fried Chunks Of Chicken Cooked in Szechuan Sauce)

Fish Finger ------------ (Rs. 850)

(Crumb Fried Finger Style Cut Fish)

Sausage Grilled/Chilly/Fried ---- (Rs. 800/750/750)

Pan grilled pork, ginger, garlic, and onion spicy sauce served with garden salad

Garlic Shrimp ----------- (Rs. 1125)

(Succulent Shrimp tossed In Garlic & Butter, Garnish with Parsley)

Mix seafood Tempuraw ----- (Rs. 1500)

Potato Bacon Roll --------- (Rs. 750)

(Marinated Potato Wedge Wrapped With Bacon & Serve with Garlic Mayo)

Crispy Chicken lollipop ------ (Rs. 850)

(Chicken lolli marinated & crumbed fried serve with mayonnaise)

Crispy Chicken -------- (Rs. 825)

(Crumb Fried Chicken Serve In Tangy Mayo Sauce)

Chicken Satay --------- (Rs. 850)

(Skewered Chicken Marinated with Thai Spices Served Peanut Butter)

Chicken Chhoyela ------- (Rs. 750)

Hakku Chhoyela -------- (Rs. 750)

Sadheko ----------- (Rs. 800/650)

(Buff Sukuti/Chicken)

Chicken Kendo ----------- (Rs. 750)

(Chicken Chunks Cooked In Tangy Sweet Chili Sauce & Sesame)

Muttan Tass ------------- (Rs. 1500)

(Thinly Sliced Mutton Marinated with Indian Spices)

Prawn spring roll ----- (Rs. 950)

(Marinated Prawn, Veg fillings Inside Tossed With Indo-Chinese Sauce)

Prawn Chill -------------- (Rs. 1100)

(Marinated Prawn Tossed With Indo-Chinese Sauce)

Golden Fried Prawns ----- (Rs. 1050)

(Crunchy Fried Prawns Serve With Sweet Chili Sauce)

Boiled Chicken -------- (Rs. 550)

Fried Fish with Ginger Punch ----- (Rs. 750)

(Marinated Deep fried fish Tossed With Ginger n Sesame)

Shanghai Chicken ----- (Rs. 825)

(Tender Shredded Chicken slowly Cooked Tangy Sweet Sauce)

Meat Ball With Hot Garlic Sauce ----- (Rs. 750)

(Minced Chicken Ball fried and Dipped in Hot Garlic Sauce)

Chicken Chilly -------- (Rs. 750)

(Marinated Chunks of Deep Fried Chicken Tossed in Indo-Chinese Sauce)

Pork Chilly ------- (Rs. 850)

(Marinated Chunks of Deep Fried Pork Tossed in Indo-Chinese Sauce)

Hans Ko Chhoyela -------- (Rs. 1150)

Tawa (Chicken/Pork) ----- (Rs. 750/800)

Mutton Sekuwa (Regular/Jhaneko) ----- (Rs. 1900)

Sekuwa Chicken (Regular/Jhaneko) ----- (Rs. 950)

Pork Sekuwa (Regular/Jhaneko) ----- (Rs. 950)

Menu Prices Included All Taxes

Veg Snacks

French Fries (Regular/Mexican) ------ (Rs. 400/525)

(Finger Potato Chips Serve Tossed in Spices/ topped With Salsa Sauce & Cheese)

Boiled Vegetables/Corn/Peas -------- (Rs. 425)

(Seasonable Fresh Vegetables/Corn Boiled)

Mushroom Chilli -------- (Rs. 750)

(Deep Fried Mushroom Tossed in Indo-Chinese sauce)

Paneer Chilly -------- (Rs. 825)

(Deep Fried Paneer Tossed In Indo-Chinese Sauce)

Vegetable Tempura ------- (Rs. 525)

(Batter Fried Crunchy Vegetables Serve With Sweet Chili Sauce)

Black Mushroom Coriander -------- (Rs. 950)

(Crispy Fried imported Shitake Mushroom with Coriander and Chinese Spice)

Lasun Poleko -------- (Rs. 300)

Pakoda Paneer/Vegetable ----- (Rs. 750/550)

(Deep Fried Paneer/Vegetables Dipped in Gram Batter with Indian Spices, Serve with Mint Chutney)

Cheese Ball ------------- (Rs. 750)

(Crumbed Chessy Potato Balls served With Cocktail Sauce)

Mustang Aloo ----------- (Rs. 650)

(Potato Wedged Toessed With Himalayas herbs & Chiili)

Fried Cashew Nut ------- (Rs. 1200)

(Pan tossed Salted Cashew nut)

Pan Fried Sweet Corn ----- (Rs. 625)

(Sweet Corn tossed With Garlic & Spices, Garnish With Parsley Chop)

Cheese Stick ----- (Rs. 825)

(Finger Shape Cheese Dipped in Batter & deep Fried)

Crunchy Onion Rings ----- (Rs. 350)

(Batter Fried Crunchy Onion rings Served With Tangy Sauce)

Sadheko ----- (Rs. 525 / 625 / 625 / 625)



CHICKEN MO:MO -------- (Rs. 400 / 475 / 450)


CHICKEN MO:MO ------- (Rs. 525 / 575 / 525)


Combo @ Drishya

Mo:Mo Platter ---------- (Rs. 1500)

(Different types of mo:mo’s serve in single platter i.e. Tandoori, Chilly, Chhoyela, Fried & Steam)

Drishya Special Veg Platter ----- (Rs. 3100)

(Paneer shashlik, Mushroom Chilly, Peanuts Sadheko, Pan Fried Sweet corn and Mustang aaloo)

Dishya Spacial Non Veg Platter ----- (Rs. 3800)

(Combination Of Sanghai Chicken, Chicken Choyela, Garlic shrimp, Fish Finger & Devils Egg)

Drishya Special Tandoori Platter ----- (Rs. 4200)

(Afghani Kebab, Chicken Sheekh Kebab, Chicken Bacon Roll, Tandoor Ka Paneer & Mutton Sekuwa)

Choice Of Charcoal BBQ In Drishya

Chicken BBQ (1Kg/Half Kg) ----- (Rs. 2400/1250)

Pork BBQ (1Kg/Half Kg) ----- (Rs. 2600/1350)

Mutton BBQ(1Kg/Half Kg) ----- (Rs. 4500/2300)


Himalayan Pizza --------- (Rs. 1300)

Overloaded Veggies ------ (Rs. 1300)

Hawaiian Pizza ----------- (Rs. 1300)

Margherita Pizza --------- (Rs. 1200)

Tandoori Pizza ----------- (Rs. 1450)

Pepperoni Pizza ---------- (Rs. 1450)

Meat Lovers Emiliana ----- (Rs. 1550)


Afghani Kebab --------- (Rs. 1250)

(Tender boneless chicken marinated in cashew nut paste and baked inn clay-oven)

Tandoori Chicken (Full/Half) ----- (Rs. 2500 / 1350)

(Clay-oven baked whole chicken marinated in yogurt and Mughal spices)

Reshmi Kebab -------- (Rs. 1350)

(Silky and flavorful chicken set in skewer and slow cooked in clay oven)

Tandoor Ka Paneer ------- (Rs. 1250)

(Marinated cottage cheese layered with fresh veggies and baked in clay-oven)

Tandoori Murgh Tikka ----- (Rs. 1250)

(Overnight marinated chicken with dahi masala n cooked in oven)

Menu Prices Included All Taxes

Main Course

Penny Arrabiata ---------- (Rs. 950)

(Penny Pasta Cooked In Angry Tomato Sauce)

Seafood Spaghetti Marinara ----- (Rs. 1350)

(Garlic Tossed Spaghetti Cooked With Seafood)

Chicken Sizzler ---------- (Rs. 1350)

(Freshly Marinated Grilled Chicken Served on Sizzling Hot Plate)

Whole Trout Grilled/Steam --------- (Rs. 1800)

(Cold water trout grilled/steam serve with aromatic herbs/Thai spices)

Fish and Clips --------- (Rs. 1250)

(Crumbed fried fish with herbs marinate and serve with finger chips & tartar sauce)

Stuff Pollo Grilled ------- (Rs. 1750)

(Chicken Breast stuffed with mozzarella cheese, black olive, sundried tomato and herbs)

Szechuan Dice Tofu with Fried Rice ---- (Rs. 900)

(Bean curd tossed in spicy Chinese sauce and served with fried rice)

Thai red curry serve with rice ---- (Rs. 1250)

Manchurian (Chicken/ Fish/ Prowns/ Veg) serve with rice ---- (Rs. 1250 / 1350 / 1550 / 1150)

Pak Choy with Black Mushroom & Steam Rice ---- (Rs. 900)

(Stir fried shitake mushroom n Pak choy in Chinese style serve with Steamed rice)

Paneer Makhan Masala ----- (Rs. 1250)

(Paneer cooked in Indian Makhani gravy)

Murg Ki Biryani ------- (Rs. 1250)

(Slow Cooked meat in handi with rice n aromatic indian spices serve with raita & mint chutney)

Mutton Biryani ------- (Rs. 1550)

(Slow Cooked Mutton in handi with rice n aromatic Indian spices serve with raita n mint chutney)

Mutton Curry / Chicken Curry ----- (Rs. 1350 / 1150)

Chawal (Sada/Jeera) ------- (Rs. 250/260)

Kashmiri Pulao/Peas Pulao ------- (Rs. 425/375)

Pasta Al Pomodoro (With Spaghetti/Penny) ----- (Rs. 950)

(Pasta Cooked in tomato Sauce with Olive Topping)

Pasta Carbonara/Bolognese ----- (Rs. 1250/1225)

(Pasta Tossed With Creamy Sauce n Crispy Bacon Or slowly cooked minced Chicken)

Paneer Shashlik Sizzler -------- (Rs. 1250)

(Marinated Skewered Paneer with Veg Served on Sizzling Hot Plate)

Grilled Salmon With Beurre Blanc & Pineapple Relish ----- (Rs. 2550)

(Salmon fillet marinated with fresh chopped thyme serve with creamy butter sauce n pineapple relish)

Pork Chops ----- (Rs. 2550)

(Grilled pork chop serves with sautéed veg, mashed potato n mushroom sauce)

Grilled fish with lemon butter sauce with fresh vegetable ----- (Rs. 1450)

Roasted Chicken ----- (Rs. 1550)

(Chicken breast marinated with fresh herbs n roasted in oven, serve with mashed potato n sauté veg)

Murgh Bemisal ----- (Rs. 1250)

(Chicken tikka cooked in Indian Makhani gravy)

Malai Kofta Curry serve with rice ----- (Rs. 1350)

Mushroom Mutter Hara Pyaza ----- (Rs. 1100)

(Mushroom & Green peas cooked with Indian onion gravy & spring onion)

Yellow Daal Tadka ----- (Rs. 850)

(Slowly cooked Chana daal tempered with ghee n fried spices n fresh coriander)

Dal Makhani ------- (Rs. 950)

(Black Lentil cooked overnight in tandoor and finished with rice cream)

Vegetable Biryani ----- (Rs. 1050)

(Slow Cooked veg in handi with rice n aromatic Indian spices serve with raita n mint chutney)

Roti (Plain/Butter) ----- (Rs. 75/80)

Naan ----- (Rs. 120/140/175/225)



Sikarni --------- (Rs. 450)

Chocolava with Vanilla Ice Cream ----- (Rs. 850)

Gajar ka Haluwa -------- (Rs. 550)

Ice Cream (Chocolate/ Strawberry/ Vanilla ------- (Rs. 300)

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